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Welcome to Temperature Ware!

The newest and most natural world of soapstone food and drink preparation. We offer cookware, coolware, pizza stones, beer & coffee mugs and so much more… cooking, heating, serving, and chilling your favorite foods and drinks on and in soapstone, is remarkable, fun, and efficient!

Soapstone cookware and natural stone cooking, baking, grills, and mugs are now all available in 100% Soapstone. We even offer stone “ice cubes” for the discerning drinker that prefers no dilution.

An array of kitchen gourmet soapstone cookware along with coolware unsurpassed by modern technology awaits you… The possibilities in and around the kitchen are endless.

FREE Shipping for all products within the Continental United States!

Soapstone is a natural quarried stone that has the amazing ability to retain temperature. Due to its mineral composition of talc and magnesite, this extremely dense stone has the extraordinary ability to hold heat longer and also hold cold temperatures longer than conventional cookware and kitchenware.

Soapstone is used for everything from fireplaces and woodstoves to the kitchen sink. Click to see and learn more.

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